Özsu Balık Dil Değiştirme İkonu


We engage in sustainable production to ensure that healthy, nutritious, and affordable fish are accessible to everyone.

As a human-centered brand, we value people, the world, and the seas, which are our livelihood. We firmly believe that fish stock control and sustainability are the only solutions embedded at every level of our business and at the core of our organizational culture. Recognizing the dependence of community health on the health of the seas, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

We set and achieve goals to foster a culture of improvement in environmentally more sustainable business practices, continuously enhance ourselves through environmental sustainability training, and actively implement sustainable fisheries practices that directly impact our business model, strategy, and decision-making processes. Our sustainable culture in fisheries includes the control of fish stocks at sea, fish welfare, clean seas, food quality, and environmental and community health applications.

Fish Health And Welfare

It is our moral and ethical obligation to ensure
that our fish live in a healthy environment.

Taking into consideration the biological characteristics of the fish we cultivate, we employ correct methods to produce at international standards. Our veterinarians, engineers, divers, and technical team monitor and control the quality of seawater, the physiological conditions of the fish, their nutrition, and harvesting at every stage of the cultivation process. They intervene and conduct improvement work when necessary. To ensure our fish grow in a stress-free and healthy environment, we prioritize fish health and welfare as our fundamental cultivation standard.

This involves feeding them with vitamin and mineral-rich feeds, maintaining appropriate cage densities, minimizing competition among fish within the cages, and vaccinating our fish against potential disease risks from the environment.

As the Özsu Fish family, from our executives to the team directly interacting with our fish, we all consider it our primary duty to ensure our fish receive proper care, healthy nutrition, and live in conditions that prioritize their well-being.

Clean Sea

Clean sea, high-quality fish, healthy people.

We are determined to protect our seas and leave them spotless and azure for future generations by working with an effective management plan for the sustainability of our seas.

Maintaining the physical and chemical quality of the habitats of our fish is crucial for us. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with public institutions such as the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, relevant certification organizations such as HACCP plan, Global GAP, scientists, and universities. We take responsibility for keeping our seas clean.

We adhere to the environmental standards set by Turkey and the EU in aquaculture, analyze the environmental impact of every material we use, train our employees, and regularly inspect our farms. We prioritize the health of our seas and contribute value to our world by taking concrete steps for our environment and future.

Food Quality

Our consumers can be assured that the fish on their plates are not only delicious but also safe and healthy.

With our production facilities holding the Global GAP certification and approval from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, we aim to achieve excellence in food quality.

To accomplish this goal, we implement many widely accepted management system standards in the fishing industry. Ensuring food quality begins with the selection of raw materials and suppliers. Before entering Özsu Fish Facilities, our raw materials undergo a detailed technical analysis, control, and inspection process.

We meticulously choose the source of our products through supplier development programs we have established. We verify the competence of our suppliers and raw materials through effective monitoring and quality control in our production processes.

We pay attention to the natural, pure, and high-quality standards of all our raw materials, conducting regular checks to ensure continuity. In our fish farming and processing processes adhering to international standards, we implement measures to protect our fish from physical, chemical, and biological harms. We execute food safety principles in preparing, processing, packaging, storing, and transporting, preventing negative factors. We prioritize the importance of food quality to cultivate high-quality, nutritious, and healthy fish that enhance the quality of life for our consumers. Our goal is to provide the necessary food supply while preserving their health in the best possible way.


At Özsu Fish, we are committed to creating a work model where everyone who works for or provides services to Özsu Fish feels that they contribute to a significant goal.

As a company that operates daily operations in many different countries, we believe that diversity and a collaborative corporate culture create a successful business harmony. We are aware that our most valuable asset is our employees, and for the sustainability of our business, we enable our employees to maximize their potential. Honesty, integrity, transparency, equality, respect for people and nature form the foundation of our work. Thanks to these values that define the framework of our business principles and code of conduct, we assist our employees in discovering their talents, improving themselves, expressing themselves freely, and creating a peaceful working environment. We prioritize workplace safety, take measures to prevent work accidents and losses, and address job-related health issues.

We conduct periodic training and information sessions to increase individual responsibility awareness, raise awareness, build competence, and spread the culture of occupational health and safety. We aim to ensure that all workplace practices are compliant with laws and regulations, fair, ethical, and respectful of human rights. We value all our stakeholders, encourage those working with us or providing services to adopt similar practices. In this way, we not only protect the interests of all stakeholders today and also in the long run.


We are responsible for improving the well-being of the community both socially and environmentally.

By preserving our seas, we aim to make production and consumption possible for the well-being of our community, achieve our long-term goals, and protect the interests of future generations.

To assess the outcomes of our activities, we engage with local governments, non-governmental organizations, and the public. We collaborate to identify opportunities for the communities involved to benefit from our activities. To positively impact the quality of life in the communities we serve, we provide healthy food and ensure better nutrition.

In our efforts, we witness the improvement in the quality and nutritional value of the fish we produce, the reduction of our carbon footprint in production processes, creating a positive impact in the fight against climate change. Through our participation in education, environmental initiatives, and health-related voluntary projects, we contribute positively to society. We commit to engaging in activities that will benefit the community, adding value to society, and collaborating with the community.