Özsu Balık Dil Değiştirme İkonu

About Us

We are a seafood company dedicated to making the world's most valuable protein, fish, accessible to all people. Operating on four continents and in over 50 countries, we passionately work to ensure that millions of consumers we serve as guests at their tables enjoy a healthier, higher quality, and more flavorful diet with fish. Our production takes place in Urla, where the world's finest sea bass and sea bream thrive in terms of cleanliness, values, and water temperature, with 102 off-shore cages. From our hatchery facility, laboratory, processing plant to our packaging facility, we are one of Turkey's most advanced fully integrated aquaculture brands, all under one roof.

With our expert and dynamic human resources, environmentally friendly technologies, and the production of 6,000 tons of high-quality and healthy fish produced to international standards, we meet the fish needs of consumers worldwide. In addition to our company in Turkey, we manage our overseas operations with our affiliated companies Özsu Fish UK in the United Kingdom and Özsu Fish EU in the Netherlands.

Preserving our seas, keeping them clean and healthy, is essential for achieving our long-term goals and protecting the interests of future generations. Therefore, environmental sustainability at the highest standards is central to our business at every level and within our organizational culture. From our hatchery to open seas, production facilities to tables, at every touchpoint, we efficiently manage, assess, and improve food quality and our supply chain. This is how we ensure the well-being of our fish, our environment, our employees, and our consumers, who we consider part of our family.

As Özsu, we make fish, which is not only a high-quality protein source but also a rich source of omega-3, vitamins, and minerals, accessible to everyone, adding flavor and health to people’s lives. With our vision of becoming a global player in the aquaculture sector, progressing and growing, we conduct our operations with international standards of corporate governance, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Since our establishment, we continue to create value for all our stakeholders







We are honest, fair, transparent, and accountable to ourselves, our business partners, and the community. We stand behind every promise we make, acting ethically and consistently

We aim for all our business and activities to create a shared value for our country, our society, and our world.

Quality is our way of doing business; we always aim for the highest quality standards and work to provide top-quality services at all times.

We believe in always striving for excellence with our differentiating, creative solutions and the power of diversity.

The value, trust, and respect we give to our business partners form the foundation of our collaboration. We think together, take steps together, and win through teamwork.

We care about the health of everyone we work with, all the communities we interact with, and the environment. We make positive contributions to improve their well-being.

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