Özsu Balık Dil Değiştirme İkonu

Human Resources

As a Seafood company, our goal is to make the fish with the world’s most valuable protein accessible to all people. We passionately work to ensure that millions of consumers in more than 50 countries across four continents can be nourished with healthier, higher quality, and more delicious fish on their tables. Located in Urla, where the cleanest sea water and the ideal temperature values foster the highest quality sea bass and sea bream, we produce in our 102 offshore cages. From our hatchery and laboratory to our processing and packaging facilities, we are one of Turkey’s most advanced fully integrated aquaculture brands under one roof.

With our expert and dynamic human resources, eco-friendly technologies, and our production of 6,000 tons of quality and healthy fish adhering to international standards, we meet the fish needs of consumers worldwide. In addition to our company in Turkey, we manage our international operations with our affiliated companies, Özsu Fish UK in the United Kingdom, and Özsu Fish EU in the Netherlands.

For us, the preservation and cleanliness of our seas are essential to achieve our long-term goals and protect the interests of future generations. Therefore, the highest standards of environmental sustainability are central to our business at every level and in our corporate culture. From our hatchery to open seas, from production facilities to tables, at every touchpoint, we manage, evaluate, and improve food quality and our supply chain efficiently. This is how we ensure the well-being of our fish, our environment, our employees, and our consumers, whom we consider part of our family.

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